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July 1, 2017

Before You Set Sail, Ensure You’re Protected

The temperature is rising and the sun in shining. But before you set sail, get your motorcycle out of storage, or make big vacation plans, contact your insurance advisor to make sure you’re properly protected.

We’ve gathered a list with tips and coverages for you to review to make sure you and your family are insured for the increased risks that come with outdoor and summer activities.

ATV Insurance

If your ATV is involved in an accident, you may be financially responsible for the rider’s medical bills and other damages, as well as repairs to your ATV. An ATV insurance policy can protect you from the cost of damage and litigation.

Questions to ask your agent about your ATV:

  • Are there age restrictions on who may operate the ATV?
  • Does my policy cover friends or family who are operating the ATV?
  • Is there a discount for taking an operator safety course or for riding with a helmet?

Boat Insurance

Many Ohio residents make the mistake of believing their boat, and their liability for injuries to others while operating their boat, are covered by their homeowners or renters policy.

Personal watercraft (PWC) coverage (often referred to as Boat Insurance) may cover the following:

  • Bodily injury to yourself, another rider, or a swimmer injured in your path (this is arguably the most important coverage because the damage amount is unknown, but can be significant if someone is seriously injured… work with your Insurance Advisor to make absolutely certain you have enough liability coverage)
  • Property damage to items such as docks, other PWCs or boats
  • Guest passenger liability
  • Medical payments
  • Theft of your boat

Motorcycle Insurance

The coverage on a motorcycle policy is very similar to that provided by your auto policy. There are six distinct coverage options. Some are required by law in Ohio, others can be added at your discretion (for the most part).

Tip. Ask your agent about the different discounts available on your policy. Many insurance companies have substantial discounts, for example, if you have a good driving record.

Here are a few other discounts you could qualify for:

  • Have you completed a safety course? If so, make sure you have the name of the course you completed so you can tell your agent.
  • Are you riding your bike all 12 months of the year? If you live in Ohio, probably not so ask about a lay-up discount.
  • Do you have more than one bike? Or maybe your auto and motorcycle insurance are with the same insurance company? Ask about multi-policy discounts.

Pool Insurance

Backyard swimming pools are a great place to spend time with friends and family to beat the heat during the hot Ohio summer months. Whether you have an in-ground pool, or plan to blow up an inflatable kiddie pool this summer, it comes with great responsibility.

Let your insurance company know that you have a pool, since it will increase your liability risk. Also, be sure to ask if your homeowner’s policy specifies any safety guidelines you are required to follow, such as installing a certain height fence or locked gate for example.


For some of us, renting our summer fun is the way to go. But rentals also carry their own set of insurance risks and exposures.

Motor Homes

Most standard personal auto policies don’t provide coverage for damage to a rented motor home. While liabil­ity coverage for personal use might be provided, considering the size of a motor home and the potential damage they can cause, the liability limits on your personal auto policy may be not be enough.

Rental Cars

Car rental companies offer optional insurance coverage called Collision Damage Waiver to protect you from fi­nancial responsibility should the vehicle be stolen or damaged while under your control. Personal liability, bodily injury, and property damage would still be covered under your personal auto policy.

Whether you’re leaving home for a weekend getaway or a long road trip, be aware of what your homeowners or renter’s policy will cover while you’re gone.

Typically, your homeowners insurance will follow you, protecting you even while you’re not at home. Off-premises’ coverage means your belongings are covered anywhere in the world.

If you’re staying at a hotel and your belongings are stolen, your homeowners policy can provide coverage. But, the exact coverage depends on your policy. In addition to your deductible, items will typically have a limit on things like jewelry. If you’re traveling with high-priced items, it’s a good idea to get separate insurance coverage for these items.

Contact your agent or insurance company to find out what’s covered under your policy.

Umbrella Insurance

One of the most important policies that will cover many of your summer activities is an Umbrella Insurance policy.

  • Do you have a backyard playground or a trampoline that all the neighbor kids will be playing on?
  • What about a garage sale to get rid of all those items that have been accumulating in your house for months?
  • Do you own a pet and have you considered the consequences if it bit someone?
  • What about coverage for damages resulting from boating or recreational vehicles, sports or vacation activities or rental houses and investment properties.

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