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August 1, 2017

The Case for Independent Insurance Agents Over Online Insurance

The insurance purchasing process is quite complicated. It’s easy to be confused or overwhelmed by the options and the decisions.

If you watch TV these days, there are a ton of advertisements for quick, easy, and cheap insurance. However, it’s a bit more complex than that.

With factors such as price, coverage, exclusions, bundles, and more, it’s vital to work with someone who is experienced in the business. Finding the right coverage usually involves research, but that doesn’t need to be done alone. Instead, you can choose to work with an independent insurance agent who will go over rates and coverage options from various companies to determine the right fit for you.

Here are a few reasons why it’s in your best interest to work with an independent agent, as opposed to an online company or 1-800 number promising to provide the fastest and cheapest quote around:


Independent insurance agents represent a plethora of different companies that offer a wide variety of coverage options and price points. There’s no need for you to accept only a single option from one insurance agency, and there’s no need for you to spend time filling out various online applications to get your own comparisons.

Your independent insurance agency can often find a better value for your insurance dollar than you might find on your own.

Community Involvement

As local business owners, independent insurance agents place a strong emphasis on giving back to their communities. From sponsoring fundraisers to donating to local charities, there are plenty of ways your local agency can give back to the community. That, in turn, should make you quite confident in doing business with them.

Local Presence

Not only is it beneficial to work with an agency that supports the local community, but their knowledge of the neighborhood can be quite valuable, too. Many independent insurance agents are familiar with the area, and they can use that knowledge to help reduce your risks and protect your assets.

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